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I've made a career of creating outdoor recreational sports projects and places to live for people who enjoy an active lifestyle, all with a GREEN  MISSION. After studying forestry at the University of Minnesota and smokejumping for the U.S. Forest Service out of Missoula, Montana for 10 summers, I began connecting people to the great outdoors through the same recreational sports activities that inspired me.

As a cycling enthusiast, I've created and conducted bike tours and cycling events for nearly 40 years. Over 120,000 bikers have participated in bicycling adventures that I founded. A total of 226 week-long bike tours were held when I was the owner/operator of Cycle America during the 1980's and 90's. Usually between 100-300 bikers cycled weekly. 

A passion of mine is to connect cycling tourists from around the world to bicycle tour operators who provide eco-friendly tourism. Tour operators have done an exceptional job of designing cycling vacations through the most scenic landscapes of more than 160 countries for you to cycle. Make your next vacation a cycling vacation!​ 

We've made it easy for you to find cycling vacations at favorite destinations, worldwide.

My favorite type of cycling is cycling on water, a new recreational sport activity.



​​Hello from the top of the world's largest volcano, the Yellowstone Super Volcano.