My favorite type of cycling is cycling on water, a new adventure sport. 



Hello from the top of the world's largest volcano, the Yellowstone Supervolcano. 

​​​Triathlons & Duathlons (1982-1989) - Several multisport events, which I founded, were the first ever held in Minnesota. The Heart of LakesTriathlon at Annandale, Minnesota is still held today. The events were popular because of excellent courses, good race management, and well-trained staffs.

Minnesota Fit-Fest (1982-1987) - The Minnesota Fit-Fest was a sports festival with 28 different events for recreational athletes to participate in over a 3-day weekend. It was like an Olympics for recreational athletes. It included bicycle tours, races and relays; short and long running races (road and track) and a marathon medley; different swimming races; several multisport events (Minnesota's first triathlon and duathlon); an obstacle course race; race walking and casual walking events; and the countries first inline-skating races. A fitness decathlon and pentathlon was created for power-sport athletes which became very popular. In 1987 over 8,600 recreational athletes participated in the Fit-Fest held in Northfield, Minnesota.

Nordheim (1978-1986) - A unique four-season recreational lake home development of 45 handcrafted log homes with direct access to a 17-mile cross-country ski course adjacent to the Chippewa National Forest between Hackensack and Longville, Minnesota. Nordheim (Norwegian for north home) is a one-of-a-kind GREEN development for those who enjoy non-motorized water-sports, hiking and cross-country skiing.

Sky Harbor Residential Airpark (1973-1985) - Sky Harbor Airpark is one of America’s largest residential airports. Sixty homes with attached or unattached hangers have direct access to a 3000' GREEN grass runway. It's located in the rural countryside near Webster, Minnesota, which is 35 miles south of Minneapolis, Minnesota USA.​​

​​​​​​​​BiosAdventures (2015-present) - The mission of BiosAdventures (nature adventures) is to connect cyclists from around the world to bicycle tour operators who provide eco-friendly tourism. Thirteen different websites have been created to promote cycling vacations worldwide. All websites are Interlinked through our INTERNET NETWORKING program.

Cycling Tour List (2010-present) - The Cycling Tour List is the fastest place on the Internet to find bike tours available at favorite destinations. It's user-friendly and is the most comprehensive bike tour directory on the Internet. With only 1-2 clicks of the cursor, cyclists can find listings of bike tours provided by tour operators at selected destination. See California Bike Tours for example listing page.

Bike Tour Operators Guide (coming soon) - The Bike Tour Operators Guide will be the most complete and comprehensive listing of bicycle tour operators in the world when completed in March 2018. Over 550 bicycle tour operators have designed over 14,000 bike tours through the most scenic landscapes of more than 160 countries. It will be the top bike tour operators directory on the Internet. 

Cycle America (1988-1997) - Founder of one of America's most popular cross-country bicycle tours. The tour is divided into week-long segments allowing cyclists to cycle across America over a period of summers, or complete the entire trek in one summer. In 1991 over 2800 cyclists participated. Tour is under new ownership.

Century Bicycle Tours & Races (1982-2002) - I was the founder, tour leader, and race director of 43 century (100 mile, 100 kilometer) bicycle tours and races. A 243-mile long one day RAAM qualifier race across Minnesota became very popular as well as the Jesse James Bike Tour in Northfield, Minnesota. From 200-1300 cyclists usually cycled on most tours and races.​


Hello fellow cyclists!

​​​I​​ have made a career of creating outdoor recreational sports projects and places to live for people who enjoy an active lifestyle, all with a GREEN  MISSION.  After studying forestry at the University of Minnesota and smokejumping in to backcountry forest fires for the U.S. Forest Service out of Missoula, Montana for 10 summers, I began connecting people to the great outdoors through the same recreational sports activities that inspired me.

The latest project, BiosAdventures, was created to connect cyclists to bike tour operators who've created bike trips so you can enjoy, explore, and see many of the earth's scenic landscapes from the seat of a bike. 

All projects listed below began with a dream and passion to connect people to the great outdoors through recreational sport activities, and all became a reality.

Follow your passion, it's divine inspiration!

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